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Personal Training Vernon CT

If you are looking for personal training services in Vernon CT, look no further than Workout Harder Fitness. Conveniently located in Manchester, we readily offer our clients a variety of private and semi-private training options. Whether you are looking for private, one-on-one training, you and a friend, or small group training, we have the program membership options to suit your needs and comfort level.

How would you benefit from personal training, either individually or in a small group? Well, for starters and your peace of mind, each training option is led by a Workout Harder Fitness certified personal trainer. Our small group training is always capped at six people maximum. Even though there can be between three and six members per group, the Workout Harder guarantee is that you will always get the personal support and attention necessary to meet your fitness goals. Every certified trainer is skilled in reinforcing client form as well as providing additional support.

If you are looking for a completely personalized training experience, contact Workout Harder Fitness about our private personal training programs. Our holistic approach will help you deal with problem areas as well as the root of the causes of you being not as healthful as possible. Our certified training personnel takes the time to truly get to know you. We will implement a completely individualized fitness program that is designed to achieve your desired results and goals.

Workout Harder Fitness is ready to help you overcome your fitness obstacles. Now is the time to get started. Workout Harder Fitness will get you in shape for the rest of your life, not just for summer. Change your mindset as well as your body. By adding exercise and mindful fitness routines into your daily life, you will be surprised at the sense of accomplishment and overall healthfulness that you experience. Workout Harder Fitness is ready to help you begin your new journey of fitness. Call our health professionals today at (860) 643-6344 to learn more.


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