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Fitness Studio East Hartford CT

Fitness Studio East Hartford CT


Fitness Studio East Hartford CT

When you’re searching for an awesome fitness studio near East Hartford CT, check out Workout Harder Fitness. We provide many fitness-related classes for you to enjoy. We believe that physical fitness is the road to health and vitality. A regular workout regime offers many physical and mental health benefits and we’re here to help you get started.

Healthy Weight Loss East Hartford CT

To begin, sometimes people try to lose weight using strategies from fad diets that don’t stress physical exercise. Although results may come quickly using these methods, they can be extremely unhealthy and aren’t sustainable. Weight loss or gain is directly related to exercise levels and nutrition. Exercise increases your metabolic rate which helps your body burn extra calories and thus lose weight. Keep reading below to learn more benefits of exercise.

Production of Natural “Stress Relievers”

Exercise provides many benefits in addition to weight loss. It increases the production of certain hormones that are essential to your mental well-being. One of the most important is Serotonin. Serotonin regulates stress and anxiety. Another hormone produced is norepinephrine. This is also released as a natural response to exercise and is known to relieve depression. So, when you’re feeling down, a trip over to the gym is likely to help boost your mood.

Healthy Bones and Muscles

Next, exercising regularly encourages healthy bones and muscles. Activities like weightlifting help build strong muscles and bones. When people have weak bones and muscles, they’re at an increased risk of injury. This risk increases as you age. At Workout Harder Fitness we always recommend exercises regularly to help prevent such risks and make you stronger.

Exercise Prevents Health Problems

Thirdly, there are direct links to lack of exercise and health problems such as stroke, high BP, Diabetes, Arthritis, and many types of cancers. The risks for these can be lowered by exercising regularly. Physical movement assists in proper circulation, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Exercise Increases Energy levels

When you work out, you’ll notice an increased energy level almost immediately. Long spouts of inactivity leads to decreased energy and increased feelings of lethargy. Daily exercise delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the body, thus improving pulmonary and cardiovascular health. This leads to having more energy throughout the day.

Workout Harder Fitness is located in Manchester Connecticut, just a short drive away from East Hartford CT. Experience the Workout Harder Fitness difference by stopping into our fitness studio or getting in touch with a fitness professional at (860) 643-6344. Make sure to ask if we’re running any special promotions that could benefit you!

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