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Personal Training Classes – Andover CT

If you are searching for personal training classes near Andover CT, look no further than Workout Harder Fitness. Conveniently located in Manchester, Workout Harder Fitness wants to be your trusted provider of local personal fitness training. Depending on your skill and comfort level, we offer multiple program membership options. Our personal training options include private, one-on-one, and small group. Visit Workout Harder Fitness first when deciding the time is right to transform your life and health through exercise and wellness.
Personal training in a group or private setting will benefit you personally, as well as physically. Each training session, including small groups, is led by a certified Workout Harder Fitness personal trainer. Do not worry about getting lost in the shuffle- our semi-private training groups never have more than six students per class. We guarantee that you will receive the personalized coaching services that you need and deserve. Our trainers are there to provide support, reinforce form, and improve technique. When improper techniques are changed early, you will be able to achieve your fitness goals.
In addition to one-on-one and small group training options, Workout Harder Fitness is proud to offer comprehensive personal training to individuals. The trainers and coaches at Workout Harder Fitness will help you to develop lasting healthy habits as well as proper workout routines.
If you are ready to start looking and feeling your best, contact the expert personal trainers at Workout Harder Fitness. Private and semi-private personal training benefits people of all ages and abilities. When you add exercise to your weekly, or ideally daily, routine, you will relish in your newfound confidence and healthfulness. Get the peace of mind that comes from taking accountability for your health. Call (860) 643-6344 for more information today.


Personal Training Classes | Andover CT | Workout Harder Fitness

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Personal Training Classes – Colchester CT

If you have been searching for personal training classes in Colchester CT, look no further than Workout Harder Fitness. We are ready to be your premier destination for personal training and private workouts in Colchester, CT. When you are ready to get in shape, come visit the expert trainers at Workout Harder Fitness. Depending on your needs and comfort level, we offer several personal training class options, including private training, one-on-one, plus-one, and semi-private training.

Are you wary of the idea of joining a semi-private group training event? Don’t be! Workout Harder Fitness has carefully constructed this cost effective option. Group sizes never exceed six people. The sessions can be as few as three people and are always led by a certified personal trainer. Despite several people per session, the Workout Harder Fitness guarantee is that each client will get the personal attention and support that they need to thrive in their exercise goals. Our certified Workout Harder Fitness trainers carefully study your technique to quickly correct any errors in form. Our passion is helping individuals achieve maximum benefit from their training and avoid injury.

Are you looking for a more personal training experience? If so, Workout Harder Fitness proudly offers comprehensive one-on-one training programs. Our expert trainers work diligently with clients to ensure that their exercise program is created and maintained to target specific areas of desired improvement. When you train at Workout Harder Fitness, we take the time to really get to know you and your goals. We build a truly personal training and lifestyle program that will help you achieve your fitness and overall health goals.

Don’t get in shape for summer- get in shape for your life. If you are tired of blaming your age or health for your lack of exercise, contact the fitness professionals at Workout Harder Fitness. When you add exercise to your daily routine, you will be surprised by the new feeling of accomplishment and peace of mind that comes from making your health and fitness a priority. There is no better time than a new year to commit to a routine of fitness. Call (860) 643-6344 for more information.


Personal Training Classes | Colchester CT | Workout Harder Fitness