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Ripped? What’s That?

The WOHFITNESS RIPPED program is a 5-week weight and inches loss contest with a conditioning fitness assessment designed to provide lasting fitness results. Through our innovative total body fitness programming consisting of two semi-private training sessions, tailored nutritional programs (that you learn to create), and group training; our participants will achieve their fitness goals ultimately helping them turn “fitness into a lifestyle”.


That’s Cool. What do I Get?

•   A consult with one of our coaches to go over your previous exercise and medical history so we can help you set clear smart goals and set up a road map for the next five weeks.

•   Unlimited access to our group training classes, one semi-private session and unlimited access to our signature classes. You will get up to 7-Days a week of group training workouts which focus on your core cardio and conditioning 3 days a week and power endurance and strength the other days. Also there will be an extra class each weekend for ripped members only.

•   Unlimited support and accountability form our community of coaches and members to help you succeed. Plus, you will receive access to our Online Support Group to Ask Questions, Share Ideas, and Get Feedback. You will also receive Daily Tips and Accountability Messages on Facebook Instagram email and text.

•   Easy to follow Fat Loss Nutrition Program which is a skeleton that you customize with our support to fit your needs.

•   Post workout protein and meal replacement options as well as other supplements fueled by 1stphorm for optimal results for an additional cost that should be purchased before you start.

•   A Free Ripped shirt

OK. So Who is This Program For?

This program is for both male and female adults who are interested in losing weight, building lean muscle, improving cardio endurance, enhancing self-esteem, reducing BMI and body Fat % and just looking and feeling better. YES, YOU CAN DO THIS PROGRAM.


So How Do I Win? And What Do I Win?

•   Each person is weighed and measured (chest, waist, arm, and leg) at the start of the program and at the end. The individual who accumulates the most points wins. Each person earns 1 point for inches lost and 1 point for pounds lost. Add them together and that is the total. No negative point for inches gained or pounds gained.

•   The overall winner wins cash $500 (149.99) cash or $1000 (249.99) ( can be used toward future membership)

Attendance rewards: Attend classes and get discounts on memberships

– 10 classes $30 off first month

– 15 classes $45 off first month

– 20 classes $60 off first month

– 25 classes free month when you buy one month

• Current members earn WOH bucks equivalent

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Every time you check in with #ripped and one or all of the following hashtags and mention WOHFitness

Best Before and after picture!!! Workout Harder Fitness Hoodie

More importantly when you join this program you will become a part of a family that will support you on your journey to become a FIT HEALTHY and POSITIVE person.

How Often May I Work Out?

During your five weeks you may workout once in a semi-private session by appointment only at

6am -7am Monday-Friday and at 5 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and at 5:30 on Wednesday.

Also, you can come to a ripped only class once a week on the weekend time TBD.

Also, you have full access to all of our large group and signature classes. The are 4-time options available each weekday and one option on both weekend days (plus ripped bonus).

Call Workout Harder Fitness at (860) 643-6346


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